It’s common to feel off-kilter when you transition from high school to college. Decorating your dorm room so that it fits your style is a terrific way to make your adjustment to college life more comfortable. Read on for ten dorm room ideas that will make your space feel like home.

Three things to consider

There are a few things to explore before you run out to purchase a bunch of fun accessories for your new living space. Trust us; it’s much more cost-effective and relaxing to take the time to carefully consider your new dorm room in advance of the big move. Here are some of the critical things you need to think about before you make any decorating decisions.

● Will you have a roommate? Sharing your living space is a terrific way to make a life-long friend, but it also means your dorm room ideas should include them. Or alternatively, at least ensure that your style doesn’t encroach on their half of the room.

● Does your residence hall have any restrictions on how you use your dorm room? For example, some dorms don’t allow things like lofting the bed and installing a microwave/refrigerator. Make sure you know the rules ahead of time.

● How much can you afford to spend? Do you know if your roommate will help to pay for the total cost of decorating your dorm room?

Figure out the answers to these considerations, and then you can move onto the fun part. Here are ten of our best tips for making a sterile dorm room come to life.

Ten college dorm room ideas

The exciting news about personalizing your dorm space is that it’s not hard, and it won’t empty your checking account. The keys to designing a comfortable and happy dorm room are to maximize living space and storage opportunities. Here are ten dorm room ideas for creating a welcoming and workable living environment.


Dress up your bed with a cozy comforter, stylish sheets, and a pillow or two. We suggest you avoid the bedding supplies that many college residence halls offer. You’ll have a vastly more exciting range of options if you shop at inexpensive on-line places like Dormify.


Stock up on dishes. Some of the most memory-making parts of dorm life happen over a take-out dinner with your late-night study group. Target and Kohls have a variety of microwave-safe bowls and cups for college students.


Illuminate your dorm space with creative lighting. There’s no denying that the overhead lights found in most dorm rooms are harsh and unwelcoming. Read this HGTV article for inspiring ways to bring light into your room.


Place an area rug on the floor. Area rugs are a terrific way to bring (1) warmth, (2) sound absorption, and (3) personality into even the most boring dorm room. Whether you go for a bright purple shag piece or a neutral base, you’ll find an enormous range of rugs available to choose from at any price point.


Invest in storage. One of the unfortunate aspects of living in university housing is that you don’t have much storage space. You can avoid the clutter monster by purchasing a selection of storage containers for all of the odds and ends. Read this House Beautiful article for some stylish storage ideas.


Use comfortable chairs to encourage drop-in visitors. Nothing says “welcome to our room” more than giving your friends a place to sit. The challenging thing in choosing dorm room chairs is finding a chair that fits your sense of style and the physical dimensions of your room.

Need help picking a chair? Check here for helpful advice.


Put your creative side on display through fun wall decorations. The terrific thing about decorating the wall near your bed is that you can make it feel like home. Popular wall decorations include photos, posters, tapestries, and inspirational signs.


Don’t forget shower supplies. Maybe you never had to carry all your shower supplies from one location to another until college. Personal shower caddies are a big business today, and you’ll have loads to pick from to hold your bath supplies.


Get ready for homework with desk decor that makes you want to sit down and study. Check out Pinterest’s Desk to Impress page for all sorts of nifty ways to turn institutional furniture into a delightful study corner.


Are you faced with doing a load of laundry for the first time in your life? Whether you’re a laundry newbie or you’ve been handling your dirty clothes by yourself for years, purchase a laundry basket that will last the whole school year. Consider getting a laundry basket that does double duty as a hamper.

Lastly, congratulations on your college journey. Embrace this exciting opportunity to imagine and craft your future. Use our dorm room ideas to design a little bit of personal space that will welcome you after a busy day of class.

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