In these fast-paced, technology-filled times, it is more important than ever to create spaces that nurture the soul. We all know that it is important to get the right amount of quality sleep. Consider changing the color of your bedroom walls to improve your sleep patterns. There are certain bedroom paint colors to consider if your goal is to create a peaceful sanctuary – and that is exactly what your bedroom should be. Soft, cool colors seem to be ideal for creating a relaxing environment. They have a calming effect on your mind and body, sending soothing vibes to your spirit and allowing you to drift into dreamland – and stay there. The color you choose will be personal, but here are a few ideas to motivate you.


Consider a muted, grey-tinged lavender color for your bedroom walls. It blends beautifully with other similarly washed-out tones, like pale blue, taupe, or cream. Lavender is known to have stress-reducing effects on your mind and body. Lavender encourages calmness and is therefore effective for invoking a relaxed, meditative state of mind.

Soft Grey

A soft grey color is a favorite for the bedroom when the goal is serenity. This color has a soothing and cooling feel to it, and when paired with blue elements, it can make a bedroom feel spacious and relaxing. A subtle grey is a neutral color that should work nicely with a variety of furnishings.

Pale Blue

Consider a soft, neutral blue paint color for your walls – a pale blue to create a soothing feeling. Some say shades of blue can even reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. Recreate a relaxing nap in the park by painting the walls in your bedroom a pale blue color that mimics the sky on a clear day. Or try a deeper shade of blue, conjuring up the healing power of the open ocean.

Light Green

The coziness of a soft green is unparalleled. Green symbolizes nature and creates a calm and restful environment where anxiety levels are reduced and comfort levels rise. Create your nature oasis by pairing this tranquil bedroom paint color with neutral bedding and décor. If you feel most relaxed sitting in your favorite park or strolling along the trails, why not surround yourself with a soft shade of the green of your favorite grove of trees!

Once you have narrowed your bedroom paint colors down to one or two options, consider purchasing small cans of paint in these colors and test them by painting three-by-three foot squares. Then watch them in the changing light of day to choose the one that suits your personality. Another tip: choose a color that frequently pops up in the room, such as in your wall art or in the fabric of your bed’s coverlet or throw pillows. Doing so will help balance that color throughout the space.

Colors have an enormous impact on the mind, body, and spirit, and if you need help choosing the right color to beautify or improve your sleeping space, contact us today or visit our website for some inspiration.