Are you preparing to place your home up for sale? Choosing the best exterior house paint color can lead to a quick sale. Here’s what you must know about picking paint colors to prep your home for the market.

The Power of Paint Color

Real estate experts know that buying a home is often based on emotion. If a buyer is attracted to a home’s appearance, they are more likely to make an offer. Updating the paint colors throughout your home, for instance, will appeal to buyers and lead to offers.

One of the terrific things about paint is that it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase and apply. Even better, you’re likely to receive better purchase offers if your home features in-demand paint colors. USA Today, for example, notes that buyers might pay as much as one to three percent more for a home that boasts new paint.

Are you ready to look at paint samples? Here are some designer tips regarding interior and exterior paint colors that wow buyers.

Best Exterior House Paint Color

Choosing the best exterior house paint color to impress buyers isn’t always straightforward. A color that works well in one neighborhood might turn off buyers in another area. A 1970s ranch house shines with different shades than a historic Foursquare. Factors to consider when picking a paint color include:

  • The location of the house. Desert homes, for example, can show off bright colors that might not work as well in a neighborhood in Eugene, OR.
  • Pay attention to your home’s architectural style. The ideal exterior color palette highlights the architectural style and the exciting features of your house.
  • Focus on neutral and classic colors that most buyers will love. Remember that you want to appeal to the most number of home buyers possible.
  • Blend into the neighborhood with a paint color that doesn’t look out of place. You want your home to look fresh, updated, and like it belongs on the block. Take a walk around your neighborhood and note the house colors that you love.
  • Consider how a paint color works with your landscaping. A well-tended front garden deserves to pop alongside a neutral house paint.

In general, once you’ve worked through the above factors, you’ll find a wide range of exterior color paint choices. Some of the most often chosen colors include shades of blue, yellow, white, taupe, gray, and green.

We suggest that you rely on the exterior color advice of a professional painting contractor in your area. High-quality contractors know which colors work well with similar houses in your neighborhood.

A pristine exterior paint job brings buyers through the front door. Read on for thoughts about how to choose interior paint colors to help sell your house.

Terrific Interior Wall Paint Colors

No doubt, newly painted walls help your home to make a terrific impression. As with the exterior paint color, you must choose interior colors that appeal to buyers. Fortunately, designers put a significant amount of thought into the role that color plays in highlighting a room.

The primary thing to never forget when picking a color is that neutrals rule right now. Most buyers prefer wall colors that make a room feel refreshed but not overwhelmed. Neutral colors help a buyer to begin to imagine their furniture in a space.

Before you go out and buy a few gallons of white paint, take time to think about neutral colors. Gray shades have dominated design for much of the last decade. Better Homes & Gardens predicts a swing in the direction of warm, earthy, neutral tones.

Interestingly, designers believe that many people long for more color in their homes. One way of satisfying a desire for bold color while staying neutral is to opt for a muted shade of color.

Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color trends for examples of neutrals that aren’t boring.

Last Thoughts

Selling a home is stressful, and prepping your house for the market isn’t always easy. Fortunately, you can create a house that speaks to buyers through paint colors. Do your homework to discover the best exterior house paint color and indoor neutral shades for your home to receive the maximum sales benefit.

All of us at KJL Interior Design know the power of paint color to transform exterior and interior spaces. We love helping our clients in Eugene, OR, choose the best paint colors for their homes and businesses. Contact us today for a friendly, no-stress consultation.