Transforming your home to celebrate the Christmas holiday doesn’t mean you need to cover your home in bright red and green. Nor does it mean you need plenty of plaid and an abundance of bells. On the contrary, you can create a stunning, festive ambiance with a variety of classy color schemes. If you’re planning to decorate your home this holiday season, read on for Christmas decorating ideas featuring unique color schemes.

Icy Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you gravitate towards cool tones, decorating with icy blues can create a wintery feeling that is both soothing and sophisticated. Icy blues are typically perfect for homes that are already elegant, leaning towards the feminine. Consider icy blue ribbons on your Christmas tree, paired with a sprinkling of understated glitter ornaments. In the dining area, top your table with a frosted tabletop tree and cool blue linens. 

Shining Silver Scheme

It’s hard to mismatch silver with any other color, but if you’re looking for eye-catching Christmas decorating ideas, go all-in on silver and only silver. Feel free to mix the textures and tones of silver. On your tree, consider adding woven silver wire and bright shiny silver alongside worn or dappled silver ornaments. Add wrapped packages in glittering silver paper to complete the dazzling effect of all-silver. 

Bleached White with Natural Tones

For a truly subtle holiday look in your home, blend bleached woods with natural tones and materials to create a Scandinavian minimalist effect. On mantles, you may place bleached twigs instead of garlands, with a stack of chopped firewood at the base. A tabletop spruce offset by pinecones creates a simple refined centerpiece. Decorate trees sparingly with natural, earthy wooden ornaments.

Teal with Bronze, Gold, or Silver

When searching for Christmas decorating ideas, teal isn’t likely your first thought. But maybe this year it should be. Jewel tones such as teal can transform even a simple room into a sumptuous Christmas space. The versatility of teal allows it to perfectly complement gold, silver, or bronze. Pair with silver to create a cool aesthetic, or with gold or bronze for a warmer effect. A teal and silver garland can transform a simple fireplace into an elegant focal point, while peacock feather ornaments alongside gold glittery globes on a tree can create a feeling that your tree itself is a magnificent piece of jewelry. 

Royal Red and Bold Gold

Rich royal red with bold, decadent gold can create an almost regal effect for Christmas. Incorporate plenty of holly berries, rich red linens, and candles. Then offset them with bold gold candle holders, napkin rings, ornaments, and even stocking hangers. 

White on White

Though perhaps not as opulent as a royal red coupled with bold gold, a white-on-white color scheme will always result in a classic look. From white lights on your home’s exterior to white candles of various heights to a tree in white lights with balls, pearls, and ribbons in varying shades of white, a white-on-white color scheme has been tasteful for decades, and it will continue to win fans long into the future. 

Christmas Decorating Tips

To make sure your decorations don’t take away from your existing décor, or appear incongruent, choose a scheme that will work with your existing style. If your style is modern cottage, avoid an overly shining silver scheme. Likewise, if your home is natural and neutral, follow suit and select a complementary scheme, rather than a royal red and bold gold aesthetic. Whatever you do, choose a color scheme and style that you love. Don’t try to force something that feels unnatural to you. ‘Tis the season to be surrounded by those you love, in a space you love. 

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