Are you tired of making your home look like it’s straight out of a scary children’s movie each Halloween? Do you want to match your grown-up sense of style with decorations that celebrate the season? If so, keep reading for some frightfully classy Halloween decorations.

Say goodbye to plastic goblins

Say goodbye to your old Halloween decorations. Trust us: a classy room doesn’t usually include things like plastic skeletons, hanging cobwebs, or Styrofoam gravestones. In general, it’s safe to avoid any decorations remind you of your college Halloween parties.

Throw away the tacky decorations and choose items that exude elegance. Aim for an understated approach to designing Halloween-themed rooms that reflect your style. The secret to stellar holiday decorations is to choose items that enhance rather than overwhelm the rest of the room.

Classy Halloween decorations

A beautiful thing about abandoning spooky clutter is that it frees you to surround yourself with things that delight your spirit. Let’s look at how you can use the following focus areas to produce a Halloween home that’s the envy of the neighborhood. The three areas we’ll concentrate on include:

● Creating a scary yet classy environment
● Making non-kitschy crafts that will enhance your chic theme
● Inviting nature indoors

Create a creepy yet classy mood

You don’t need to turn your home into a haunted house to make it worthy of the best Halloween scares. Here are some ways you can easily create a spooky mood:

1. Decorate with appropriate colors. It’s a smart idea to choose colors that work with the colors you already have in your home. For example, simple black and white decorations work well in most homes, while also bringing the spook factor.
2. Use lighting to create a moody setting. Consider hanging a simple string of orange-colored lights near your entryway or on a favorite tree in your front yard.
3. Don’t forget the power of flickering candles to create an eerie indoor environment. Try making pumpkin and gourd candlestick holders. If you have small children, protect your family by investing in flameless candles that give off a flickering glow without the dangers associated with a real flame.

Halloween crafts on a budget

Although it’s possible to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations, you can certainly achieve a classy effect on the cheap. Mason jars, for example, are an inexpensive and versatile way to meet your decorating needs. There are so many terrific ideas to turn classic country decor into festive Halloween accessories.

Another easy idea is to welcome the season by carving a jack-o-lantern. Local pumpkin patches including Johnson Farms and Thistledown Farm in Eugene celebrate the harvest season with terrific selections of pumpkins. Enjoy a beautiful fall day while also finding the perfect pumpkin that’s just waiting for your creative talents.

Looking for something a little more macabre? Try getting on the black pumpkin train! Designers have embraced the chic elegance of a matte-black painted pumpkin. You could paint one giant pumpkin or a selection of small pumpkins and gourds.

Highlighting nature

Everyone feels more connected to the earth and agriculture during the fall season. Why not give a nod to our area’s agricultural abundance in your decorating plans?

While your first thoughts probably lean toward pumpkins, we encourage you to consider decorating with apples, ears and stalks of corn, and even cinnamon broomsticks. While you’re already out searching for the perfect pumpkin, many of the patches around Eugene also have decorative corn and apples to choose from.

Another exciting way to embrace the natural environment this Halloween is to include some beautiful black succulents in your indoor and outdoor decorations. Succulents are forgiving plants that give off some seriously spooky vibes. Echeveria Black Prince and Black Knight are examples of black succulents that you can use to add some understated drama to your decorations. What’s more, you can keep them all year round!

Last thoughts

We hope these ideas show you that classy Halloween decorations come in many forms. The essential thing is to remember that you should love your decorations. Strive to create deliciously festive rooms that still make you feel at home.

You can finally make this the year you say goodbye to tacky stuff in favor of classy Halloween decorations. With a bit of planning and imagination, you’ll have a Halloween home that fits your adult style.

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