As the weather gets colder outside, it’s all the more reason to feel as cozy as possible inside. If you’re looking to feel extra snug this autumn, use a fall color palette to warm up your home. After all, warm reds, rusts, golds, oranges, deep blues, and rich greens never go out of style. On the contrary, they create an inviting aesthetic, which can be perfect all year round. Here are simple ways to warm up your home with fall colors for the season.

Fall Color Palette Pillows

Never underestimate the punch a pillow can pack when it comes to your home décor. If you’re looking for a seasonal changeup, embrace throw pillows for your couch, bed, sitting chairs, or even front porch. For a truly autumnal effect, consider pillows in shades including pumpkin, red, cinnamon, burnt orange, or chocolate. If your color scheme tends towards cooler colors, consider adding a few throw pillows in shades of celery green or navy blue.

Paint to Add a Pop of Fall Colors

Even a single wall painted in a warm fall color can add a big pop of color to warm up your home. For a bold look, consider a moss green wall, perhaps accented by gold or bronze framed photos or art. For a subtler look on multiple walls, consider shades including celadon, olive, or taupe.

Paint can also breathe new life into furniture, all while helping to create a comfy but chic vibe. End tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves can become statement pieces with a bit of effort. Bland shelves can be transformed into unique focal points with a paint or finish in colors such as goldenrod, navy, mustard, or red.

Blankets, Throws, and Rugs for Autumnal Ambiance

No fall color palette would be complete without cranberry, emerald green, cinnamon, and chocolate. All these hues are perfect for blankets, throws, or rugs to warm up your home. For added coziness, mix plenty of textiles to create an inviting, layered look.

Add Patterns to Neutral Spaces

Rooms that are by design neutral can be warmed up by adding patterns in a fall color palette. A cream and taupe plaid wallpaper, for example, can transform a bedroom into a welcoming sanctuary, even on the coldest of days. Similarly, a striped, oriental, or vintage wool rug helps bring warmth to rooms needing a bit of texture.

Interior Design for All Seasons in Lane County

If you’d like help transforming your home into a cozy haven using a fall color palette, contact KJL Interiors today. Our process always begins with a bit of an interview, to learn as much as we can about your tastes, your goals, your overall style, and how involved you’d like us to be. From there, we work with you to streamline and simplify the process of reimagining your home to bring the vision you’re holding in your mind’s eye to life.