Does your house feel too small? Sometimes it’s not the square footage but interior design that makes a home feel cramped. Use these creative flooring ideas to make small spaces feel more spacious.

Floor Covering Design Tricks

Interior designers know that the most stylish rooms often begin with the floor. It makes sense as the floor covering sets the stage for every other element in the room. The happy news is that the floor choices that you make can have a significant impact on how much you love the space.

Given that, what are the best flooring ideas to give an impression of space? Decorating tastes come and go, but some design tricks have proved their staying power. Here are five ways that we will use a floor covering to improve interior space.

No.1- Stay away from Fuss

There is nothing like a super busy pattern to constrict a room. Now, you can still embrace your love of florals and checkerboard designs, as long as you keep them off the floor. Indeed, there will always be room for your highly patterned accessories as a room’s finishing touch.

No.2- Wall to Wall Carpet

If you can’t imagine anything other than a carpeted floor covering, the ideal carpet is wall-to-wall. The reason for this advice is that wall-to-wall tricks the eye into seeing a spacious space. Along with a full-room carpet, opt for one with a lighter color that allows light to bounce off the surface.

No.3- Go Big with Tile

Interestingly, large tiles make a room feel more significant than one containing hundreds of little tiles. Much like our recommendation that you avoid fussiness, too many tiles overwhelm a space. You can achieve the most visual impact by also minimizing the grout lines.

One of the terrific reasons to install tile floors is that you can achieve a custom look. Consider installing a mixture of tile sizes to create visual interest. Experts also recommend placing the tile in a diagonal pattern to gain a sense of roominess in a small space.

No.4- Avoid Super Dark Hardwood

Who doesn’t love the romantic look of dark hardwood combined with crisp white walls and furniture? However, if your goal is to take a tiny room and make it feel larger, you should stick with lighter hardwood shades. Here is some hardwood flooring inspiration.

No.5- Don’t Make it Choppy

Limiting the floor coverings helps to maintain the flow throughout your home. The result is a living space that feels spacious no matter the actual square footage of the house. You can always use area rugs to add personality to individual rooms.

Hello Color

Your floors are one part of a successful room design. Think about how you can use inexpensive things like paint color and accessories to improve a space. Unlike with floor coverings, a can of paint is all that you need to transform the appearance of an indoor space.

Designers love using color to update small spaces. It is fun and rewarding to play with colors in a room. Indeed, wall colors, fabrics, and accessories are the easiest way for you to bring your personality and sense of style to your home.

Contrary to the traditional advice, you don’t need to stick to white walls in small rooms. It’s acceptable to surround yourself with your favorite colors. We’ve seen some charming tiny rooms that owe their life to bold paint color.

Still, you can’t go wrong with a light, neutral wall color. Gray has been super in demand for several years for a reason. However, don’t worry if your eye brings you in the direction of other neutrals.

The benefit of a neutral wall color is that you can go big with fabrics and accessories. Whether you adore a beach style or French Country, materials and accessories exist to make your decorating dream come true. What’s more, this decorating aspect can be inexpensive enough that you can change a room’s appearance without foregoing your next vacation.

Flooring Ideas to Improve Your Living Space

There’s no reason to live in a space that feels too small when you have the decorating power to improve a room’s vibe. By combining smart flooring ideas with your favorite colors, you can transform your house into your favorite place in the world.

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