Carpet adds style and comfort to a home. With many available types of carpet, it’s challenging to pick the right one for your family. Here’s how to choose carpet that will enhance your living areas for years into the future.

Have you ever lived alongside a carpet that didn’t match your needs? Did the white shag carpet you coveted turn out to be a stain magnet? There’s no doubt that not every type of carpet works equally well in every situation.

The key to loving your carpet is choosing the type and style that meets your needs. For example, homes with pets need a carpet that keeps such things as urine, vomit, and slobbers from soaking through the carpet and into the pad. Choosing a pet-friendly carpet is essential if you don’t want to live with disgusting odors.

We’ve spent years advising our clients on their carpet choices. Here are five tips on how to choose carpet that you won’t label as a mistake a few years down the road.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The surest way to avoid an expensive carpet mistake is to think about what you need. Some of the most significant things to ponder are the following:

  • Where will the carpet be in your house?
  • Do you have children and pets?
  • Does the room benefit from natural light?
  • What is your price point?

Don’t be shy about asking a high-quality carpet retailer to help choose potential carpets for your home. An experienced carpet store knows all about carpet and can help match you with the best option. One of the benefits of visiting a carpet store is that you’ll have the chance to examine multiple types of carpeting to get a feeling for your favorite.

5 Tips on How to Choose Carpet

Once you’ve considered the things that you need in a carpet, it’s time to explore your options. One thing you’re sure to notice early in your hunt is that there are endless types, styles, and color shades from which to choose. Here are five tips that will make finding your new flooring easier.

No.1- Pick a Fiber that Meets Your Requirements

There are multiple kinds of carpeting at your local carpet store. Standard fibers include nylon, polyester, wool, and Olefin. Each of the different threads come with varying degrees of stain resistance and longevity.

No.2- Touch the Piles

In a carpet, the type of pile, or weave, will play a massive role in whether it works for your space. You’ll find that it’s possible to choose a fiber in all sorts of different piles. Take the time to touch the various pile depths that come in your desired fiber selection.

Examples of popular carpet piles include:

  • Berber
  • Textured
  • Looped
  • Shag
  • Frieze

Keep in mind that a deeper pile will do a better job at cushioning your feet.

No.3- Take a Sample

A sure way to make sure that you’ve chosen a fantastic carpet for your room is to bring a sample home. Since there are so many exciting colors and patterns to choose from, it’s a great idea to select several samples to examine at home. Don’t forget to check to see how the light in a room impacts the carpet’s look.

No.4- Select Carpet Padding

Adequate carpet padding is vital to the comfort and longevity of your carpet. Padding reduces the stress that your carpet experiences from such things as foot traffic and heavy furniture. It also helps to protect the subfloor from pet accidents and spills.

Thick padding adds an extra layer of cushion to the carpet, giving it a more indulgent feel. What’s more, well-constructed carpet padding helps to keep a room warm and quiet. Perhaps this is a major part of why so many people choose a carpeted floor for their bedroom.

Read here for details on how to choose carpet padding.

No.5- Don’t Skimp on the Carpet Installer

Did you know that even the finest carpet won’t perform well if not correctly installed? Trust your carpet with a contractor who sticks to the guidelines established by The Carpet and Rug Institute.

Make sure that your budget can withstand all the costs involved in the installation before signing a contract. Read all the installation warranties offered by a retailer before you order your carpet.

Last Thoughts

Now that you know how to choose carpet for your home, you understand why it’s important to gather information. You’ll have your new rug for years, so take the time to match it to your lifestyle. When you do your research before placing an order, you’ll end up with the ideal flooring material for years into the future.

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