Your home is one of the most important, if not the most important place, to feel comfortable in. Decorating is an outlet for all of us to not only create a space where we feel most at ease, but also to show off a little bit about ourselves. As the saying goes, “your bedroom is a reflection of your mind.” We believe this sentiment goes beyond the bedroom and into the entire home.

If your home is messy and cluttered, how do you think that reflects your current state of mind? It’s always better to be in control of the space around you, and not the other way around.

Of course, this is easier said than done, particularly for people who live in a small house or apartment. Even harder: sharing a common space with roommates and having to consolidate all personal belongings into a single bedroom.

Whatever your situation, we are here to share our favorite tips for decorating a small space. Let’s start with the kitchen.

how to decorate a small space

The Tiny Kitchen

So, your entire kitchen is along one wall. Or perhaps it’s a claustrophobic box, or even an aisle that seems more fit for a laundry room. Either way, you likely have some serious Tetris-ing to do. In the case of a small kitchen, decor will have to be kept to a minimum. However, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

You may not be able to prop your cook-book up on a countertop easel or display custom ceramic nesting jars full of dry pasta and flour, but what you can do is just as eye-catching. Start by putting your money toward visually interesting or colorful dishware rather than kitchen decorations. Get matching everything, or purposefully create a mismatched dinnerware collection. Not only will your cash be going toward something practical, you get to make a statement out of utility with the next step: cabinetry.

Get glass cabinet doors to frame and display your dishware. Not only will the glass cabinetry instantly make your kitchen feel modern, it also opens up the space (especially if your dinnerware is well organized). With a small kitchen, saving time attempting to add flair to the space with extra decor inadvertently just makes it seems cluttered. After all, you’ll need all the countertops you can save for cooking!

how to decorate a small space

Out of the Kitchen and to the Living Room

Ah, your main living and lounging and (most likely) entertaining place. A tiny living room can be cozy for one or two, and overwhelmingly stifling for any more. How to remedy that? Light colors with a bright or bold pop will instantly visually increase your space.

Try keeping the majority of your wall space light, and then incorporate an accent wall or bright statement furniture. By breaking up the area visually, you can trick the brain into thinking there’s more space.

But how about utilizing the space? This can be helped by careful furniture placement. This may go without saying, but opt for placing furniture against walls rather than in the middle of the room. Choose versatile pieces if you can. For example, an ottoman with a removable top for storage is an excellent way to maximize the space.

how to decorate a small space

Down the Hallway and to the Bathroom

Bathrooms can be so fun to decorate and these are (in our opinion), the absolute easiest to deal with when they’re smaller than you would want. Simply put: keep those countertops clean! Buy a mirror with storage, get an above-the-toilet shelving system, utilize the cupboard under the sink, and pro-tip: take a field trip to The Container Store. Get mini organizers to place strategically under the sink for all your extra toothbrushes and makeup only used on special occasions.

Add a statement curtain to your shower if you have one large enough. If you have a tiny corner shower, a statement sink is another good option. The key with decorating a small space in general is to make the appliances and functional pieces into decorations on their own. By getting creative with the bathroom essentials, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind space that can arguably be more unique than any decorations.

how to decorate a small space

A Home Work Space

If you work from home, a tiny office can turn into a place you dread spending time in. Don’t let that happen! First thing’s first: get some welcoming plants. Bring the natural, soothing green that only plants can deliver into the office space.

A common misconception is that you need a bulky desk. You don’t. There are plenty of lean and space efficient desk designs sure to work just as well, if not better, than a bulky one. In fact, there are many designs that utilize the vertical space so you won’t have to compromise on surface area. Look for a high desk with shelves and storage built within it.

You can also rearrange your living room to incorporate an office space. For example, do away with the dining table you never use. Have an extra closet? Turn that into an office. You’ll be surprised by how many options there are to convert areas of your home into a perfect nook for work.

how to decorate a small space

The Bedroom

This is a big one. The place you sleep – the most intimate part of your home. A small bedroom can feel out of hand, especially if you aren’t exactly the most organized. This is the room where mirrors become your best friend. Put multiple on your wall to immediately open up the room. You’ll be amazed what a mirror can do for decorating a small space.

If you can, loft beds are another excellent option. Increase your space by, again, using the vertical space you have. You can put a desk underneath, make a closet, or even simply a sitting area. By lofting your bed, you open up your room to so many more space possibilities.

A Luxurious Small Home

Any of these tips will guarantee to open up your cramped space and leave you feeling like you can breathe again. Remember: just because you have a small home doesn’t mean it has to feel small. Decorating a small space can be fun and easy with a few strategic furniture placements and choice purchases. At the end of the day, anyone can go from cramped to comfy.

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