So, you’re building or remodeling a home and all the while you’re asking yourself “what interior design style is right for me?” You browse through magazines, you read books and you find yourself utterly lost. I recommend starting with the styles that generally appeal to you to see when something truly resonates.

Styles of Interior Design

Minimalist: Are you drawn to clean, sleek lines with sparse but meaningful furnishings and accessories? Perhaps Minimalist Interior Design is a good fit for you.

Industrial: Does your idea of a fabulous space include a concrete, steel and rough-sawn loft? If so, perhaps you should consider exploring Industrial Interior Design as a possibility.

Tuscan or Spanish Style: Tuscan Interior Design is favorite in all regions mainly because of its sculptural playfulness, the presence of light with sun-drenched colors and rich textures. Does this idea speak to you? Or perhaps it’s cousin, Mexican Interior Design – a little more rustic but with similar sensibilities – is a closer match.

Retro or Japanese: These are both great possibilities if you prefer more modern living spaces.

While a qualified architect or interior designer can help guide you to your passion, it’s always better if you come to that meeting more prepared.

Your Lifestyle Should Be Seen Throughout the Space

Another point to keep in mind is that “lifestyle”, not just “style” should always be incorporated into the overall design and personality of your home. So, logic in all you do is a crucial element. Carefully think through how you live, and order your spaces accordingly. The style or theme (as listed above) are in the details. Lifestyle is throughout the space.

Delight is also an important, intangible part of your creation. After all, a home should elicit excitement, make you feel good and lift your spirits when you walk through the door. I believe that this pleasure in your home comes from comfortable proportions and harmony of the elements.

Finally, I recommend sprinkling a good dose of whimsy into your plans. A house that ignites your imagination can inspire ideas beyond the buzz of everyday life. It is a chance to reflect your own unique character and personality. So, whatever your personal interior design style is, go for it!