Are you tired of the boring but “safe” Eggshell White in all the rooms of your house? Consider an accent wall color to incorporate around your home! Having an accent color is a great way to create a fresh new look for any room. Read through the tips below before you get started to help guide you in picking the perfect hue.

Choosing the Right Wall

First, choose the right wall. All eyes will go to it, so you’ll want to choose wisely. Because it will become the focal point in that space, choose a wall that has a feature that you would like to spotlight. Ideas for that feature could include:

· A fireplace with beautiful stone or unique woodworking
· A bold piece of art, a vintage piece of furniture
· Built-in shelves, full of beloved books or family photos.

The color of your spotlight piece (or pieces) will assist you in choosing the right accent wall color.

Alternatively, some accent wall colors can disguise an unwanted focal point, such as a large TV or entertainment center. If you paint the wall behind the TV a dark color, this accent wall will then become the focal point, and the TV will “fade away” when it is turned off,

Also, if you have large picture windows, don’t opt to color this wall. Generally, the scenery outside the window will distract from the accent wall. Additionally, natural daylight may alter how the paint color looks.

In a rectangular room, select the farthest short wall. By accenting the short wall, it will seem closer to you. Additionally, it will balance the long shape of the room.

Choosing Your Accent Wall Color

The next step is to choose the right accent wall color scheme. If your accent wall is in an unfurnished space, the colors you select will determine the scheme for the rest of the room. You will need to consider this before you begin choosing the color.

If you are considering a bold or trendy color, such as bright purple or fire-engine red, go for it! However, if a bold color right out of the gate makes you nervous, find a muted shade to start. The beauty of paint is that you can usually paint a new layer on top with minimal effort. After six months, if you still find that the toned-down color is too bland, go bolder.

Colors convey distinctive energy (calming vs. stimulating) and temperature (warm vs. cool tones), and some people are more sensitive to these factors than others. For example, a red accent wall may be too jarring for a guest bedroom, so you may want to consider a calmer hue such as burgundy. A vibrant color such as royal blue would work great in the sewing room or playroom, but it may not work in other places. Stay mindful of what colors you place where.

If you don’t feel comfortable going wild with color choice and placement, a helpful tip is to paint the accent wall the same color as the other walls, but two shades darker. Color theory suggests that your accent color should be the most vivid and pure hue.

Choose a color that contrasts with the dominant color in the room and is, ideally, a color that frequently pops up in the room. Consider your wall art or the fabric of your sofa’s throw pillows as inspiration. Doing so will integrate the color and balance it throughout the surrounding area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Some Help

Consult with your favorite local paint shop to pick out swatches to take home. Or use an online tool like Paletton or Sherwin Williams’ color tools to help you make the decision. Once you have narrowed your accent wall color choices down, you can purchase small cans of paint and test them in the space. Paint small squares on the chosen wall first, and let them stay there for a day or two. Be sure to pay attention to them as the light changes throughout the day to select the one that suits you and your home.

Prepping before you paint is critical. Accurately calculate how much paint you will need (your neighborhood paint shop can help you with this), remove fixtures and clean the walls. Be sure to put down protective tarps and use painters’ tape for straight, clean lines.

Patience and attention to detail will pay off when you can finally sit back and enjoy your “new” room or show it off to your friends and family. KJL Interiors can help you choose the right wall and the perfect accent wall color schemes for any room in your home or business. We can create a plan to pull your room together and transform the way you see color. Let our experts reduce some of the stress so you can have fun with color!