The talented team at KJL has been hard at work lately bringing beauty to the homes of Eugene. But don’t just take our word for it, check out a few of our recent interior design renovations below. Each exceptional design showcases the homeowners’ vision combined with the unique flair of our talented staff.

Davey Renovation

This was a cute little turn-of-the-century house in downtown West Eugene. The couple had inherited the home from his aunt and loved its vintage charm, but desperately wanted to update it to suit their busy lifestyle.

The kitchen was ancient. We reworked it to make it completely useful for two people – co-opting space under the stairs and so forth.

Flexibility with the upstairs bathrooms was critical in that they both fly for the airlines and keep very different schedules. We needed to come up with a plan that allowed one or the other of them to get up early, and get into the bathroom and closet without waking the other. They also needed to be able to exit without going back through the bedroom. We accomplished that for them along with many improved amenities.

Hurt Renovation

The kitchen in this home was completely enclosed. It felt claustrophobic, dark and barely accessed the beautiful view to the backyard and riparian area beyond.

To open up the kitchen, we robbed space from an adjacent bathroom and widened doorways. We also coordinated finishes including flooring and white painted cabinetry with the neighboring living room to create more of a “great room” concept. And, of course, the views outside are beautiful, so they can now enjoy that.

Both of these renovations were made successful by our incredibly talented staff. Thank you to the Davey and Hurt families for trusting our team with your vision for your home.

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