Could your home use some freshening? Fortunately, there are countless simple and affordable ways to bring new life to your living space. Keep reading for some sure-to-work kitchen curtain ideas.

10 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

As you begin updating your window treatments, remember that your kitchen is unique. Never hesitate to stick to the decorating decisions that make you feel happy. That said, here are ten kitchen curtain ideas to try this year.

No.1- Choose a Durable Fabric

Curtains are an excellent way to show your style in a room. The right set of curtains in your kitchen will bring a smile to morning coffee. The trick to choosing kitchen curtains is to find ones that stand up to cooking grease and frequent washings.

Examples of kitchen curtain fabrics that stay in style include sheer, linen, and polyester. The beauty of using one of these fabrics is that they are simple to launder and keep their looks over time.

No.2- Brush Up on Curtain Lingo

From balloon valances to Roman shades, there is a lot to learn regarding window treatment terminology. Do yourself a favor and hone your understanding of relevant terminology by brushing up on current trends in the window treatment design world. Look at Pinterest and blog articles from your favorite decorating magazines for a quick terminology primer.

No.3- Stay True to Your Style

Your kitchen should reflect your decorating style. Consider, for example, installing tie-dye curtains over your kitchen sink as an homage to your inner flower-power self. Read here for suggestions on tie-dying curtain fabric.

No.4- Spruce up Boring Roller Shades

Do you want to inject zest to a set of plain roller shades? The solution comes in the form of a jar of paint combined with your creativity. From preschool dots to something that resembles a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, grab a paintbrush and wake up a sleepy-looking kitchen.

No.5- Don’t Fear Full Length

Consider hanging full-length sheer curtains for windows located far enough away from the cooking action. This style works exceptionally well in an open floor plan design.

No.6- Look for Local Inspiration

You don’t need to settle for curtains that look exactly like the window treatments you’d find in Wisconsin or Florida. To achieve a look that feels at home in Eugene, OR, examine local sources of inspiration. Examples of places where you might find inspiration include

No.7- Try Varying Levels of Transparency

Varying the amount of light you allow into your kitchen changes the mood and environment for the kitchen space. For instance, very transparent curtains are a sure way to freshen up a cooking space, while a more opaque shade adds a touch of mystery.

No.8- How Much Privacy Do You Need?

Does your kitchen overlook a gorgeous green space or your neighbor’s living room? Keep your need for privacy in mind when choosing a window treatment.

No.9- Clean the Window Panes

When it comes to kitchen curtain ideas, don’t forget the importance of gleaming window panes. The most elegant sheers will fail to impress if they cover dirty window glass. Here are some time-tested tips to scrub away grease and grime.

No.10- Opt to Go Bare

While there are an endless array of kitchen curtain ideas to add flavor to your kitchen, there are times to go bare. Times when it makes sense to do without window treatments, include

  • Highlight the view
  • Increase light in the kitchen
  • Workaround a unique window shape
  • Enhance a decorating style

Another terrific reason to go bare is to provide a clear view of your backyard at all times. Is there any more soul-enriching view than that of your children and pets running and tumbling in the backyard?

Last Thoughts

Lastly, commit to trying some new kitchen curtain ideas this summer. Refreshing your eating area is a terrific way to make an affordable decorating change in your home this year. Think about what you need, and then cover your kitchen windows with a look that completes your style.

The design team at Samantha Lee Designs will happily assist you in selecting window coverings that make the most of your indoor spaces. Contact us for personalized help with all aspects of kitchen design.