As the weather heats up and the sun comes out to stay for a few months, we always feel as though our kitchens need a little TLC from the winter. By the time May rolls around, our stove-tops are tired from the weight of pots of hearty soup and the new season’s natural light reveals the need for a deep clean. But why stop there? Breathe some new life into your kitchen by sprucing it up with some fresh updates. Below are our top five favorite spring kitchen design trends.

kitchen design trends1. Butcher Block Countertops

Though granite may be virtually indestructible, it can be expensive and heavy. Butcher block countertops are in fact one of the more affordable countertops, especially when you want to move away from the dreaded grey formica that’s been living in your home since the 90s. Butcher block even beats glass, concrete, and steel in pricing.

In addition to being affordable, it looks great. It’s fresh and chunky, and works just as well as a minimalist’s statement feature as it does in a funky disheveled kitchen. This material also comes in a plethora of varieties. You can choose the grain and color you like to fit your kitchen’s personality perfectly.

2. Statement Tile

Springtime means color everywhere! If your kitchen feels dull from the winter, try brightening it up with statement tiles. Bright reds, blues, oranges, and greens can look right at home in your kitchen. We know – we hear your reservations about such a bold permanent fixture in one of the most used areas of the home. But hear us out! Bright tiles can breathe life into your kitchen, especially if the rest of your fixtures and appliances are neutrals.

If you like the idea but need to warm up to it, try a colorful backsplash. No, we don’t mean subway tile; something a little more daring. Mix floral or abstract painted tiles to create a visually exciting backsplash, or go for a bold tile to cover the entire kitchen floor. A big plus for using tile: it’s easy to clean.

3. Open Shelving

For the organized people out there comes a fun and inspiring kitchen trend to show off organizational skills – open shelving. Many of us enjoy splurging (or finding a steal) on nice dinnerware and appliances, yet as soon as we purchase them, they get stowed away in a drawer. With an open shelving system, you can use your kitchen tools as decoration. Layer stacks of cups and plates with a piece of art strewn in to make the shelving look like a gallery. If you like knick-knacks, place a few on the shelves to add a fun layer. Or, if you have an exciting backsplash, keep your dinnerware a solid neutral to allow the backsplash to pop. There are so many ways to employ an open shelving system, you’ll be in organizational heaven.

4. Stone

Wood is good but stone is new and fresh. Use stones and rocks in your kitchen to create an earthy, unexpected environment perfect for a cozy place to stay cool. For those of you that constantly crave cold, crisp days, stone accents in your kitchen can help create the cave-like (but not cramped!) existence you love all year round.

You can use various rocks to create a statement wall or just a touch of stone as a backsplash. Stone accents add dimension and texture that many kitchens don’t have while still allowing for a minimalist look if preferred.

5. Statement Sinks

A sink is an essential yet often underappreciated piece in any kitchen. Show off this unassuming essential by making it eye-catching. Take a step away from the classic stainless steel or white ceramic basin, and choose a sink that will wow. Try an extra deep basin for maximum washing space, or, try a surprising material or color to complement the countertops and cabinets.

At the end of the day, you’ll want a kitchen that feels good. Jump-start your fresh spring kitchen with one of these exciting trends that are guaranteed to make you feel revitalized and ready to cook! For help getting your dream kitchen face-lift, contact our team today.