Today’s living room lighting options are variable enough to showcase any decorating style. Here are some ideas on how light can turn an average living space into a sensational one.

3 Main Types of Living Room Lighting

Let’s begin by looking at three primary ways to bring artificial light into your living room. Designers generally agree on trying to weave different types of lighting into your living space. A room feels more livable and well-defined when you include the following elements in your living room.

No.1- Ambient

You’re probably most familiar with ambient light. It’s the primary source of light in a room and often comes from overhead fixtures. Ambient lighting helps to illuminate the overall space.

Ambient lighting also provides general light for a room. It ensures that you won’t trip over the coffee table. That said, ambient light shouldn’t be ho-hum if you’re trying to create a unique living room.

No.2- Task

Have you ever tried to read a novel in a room lit solely through an overhead lamp? If you found yourself squinting in frustration, you’re not alone. You’ll need task lighting for specific jobs like reading, knitting, and putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

A task light will shine a bright beam on something when you need to see clearly and work effectively. For example, a desk lamp is an essential piece of a home office. Don’t neglect the impact that a stylish task light adds to your living room lighting.

No.3- Accent

Accent lights focus attention on a specific area in a room. Do you long to highlight some vintage Oregon Ducks memorabilia? Well-placed accent lighting brings the wow factor to a living room.

Keep Order in Mind

Interior designers know that lighting is a staple for a gorgeous room. However, you need to add lighting to a room methodically.

It’s best to choose ambient lights first. Once you’ve added ambient light to your living space, examine the room to decide how other lighting can improve the room’s overall functionality.

Before you buy lights, think about how you want to use your living room. Also consider your aesthetic to make purchases that will complement your space.

Once you have a lighting plan in place, it’s time to set your design aesthetic into action.

5 Living Room Lighting Tips

We recommend using these five tips to kickstart your creativity. Don’t forget that decorating should be fun and an expression of what you hold dear.

No.1- Mini Pendant

Place a mini pendant light over a reading space. As House Beautiful notes, mini pendants combine good task lighting with personality. Also, purchasing these fun little lights will leave you with enough cash to buy your favorite author’s next novel.

No.2- Wall Lights that Double as Art

No rule says that wall lamps must be dull. Choose from the enormous amount of wall lamp options to make the lighting itself an artistic focal point.

No.3- Invest in a Chandelier

Have you binge-watched too many classic films, and now you want to live like an old-school Hollywood movie star? If so, make your decorating fantasy come to life. Take the first step by hanging a glitzy chandelier in the center of your living room.

No.4- Mix the Lighting Levels

It’s always a smart idea to arrange your lighting at multiple levels in a room. Placing lamps at different heights adds visual interest and improves the livability of the space.

No.5- Switch the Lamp Shades

One of the quickest ways to bring your style into a room is by changing the lampshades. The shades that come with many lamps are relatively uninspired. Thankfully, you can swap out generic ones with shades that suit your style.

Giving your living room a unique aesthetic takes a bit of research, but it is so worth the effort. Spend time browsing through home decorating magazines, blogs, and websites like Pinterest for inspiration. It’s also a terrific idea to take a trip to your local lighting store to view your options up close.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, your living space should reflect your personality, interests, and design style. Thoughtful living room lighting sets the stage for your aesthetic to shine.

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