Rugs can transform your living room from cold to cozy, and from bland to beautiful. However, not all rugs are created equal when it comes to creating the effect you want. Create cohesion with design-savvy living room rug placement.

Place a Rug in Front of the Sofa

One of the most common placements for rugs in a living room is directly in front of the sofa. A completely visible rug opens small spaces and serves as a centerpiece. A rug that is completely in front of the sofa often makes the space feel larger. But this living room rug placement works just as well for large living rooms too. 

Placing Rugs in Smaller Spaces

Positioning a rug so that it is partially underneath the sofa, with the front legs sitting on the rug, can help make your space look larger. In addition, by placing the rug partially underneath the sofa, you may wind up with a more creative look. The asymmetry can help to make your living room appear as if it’s been professionally designed. 

Placing Rugs in Large Living Rooms

If you have a large living room, placing a rug entirely beneath the sofa, coffee table, and end tables helps to create a designated living space. This rug placement works best if part of the sofa abuts a wall or corner. This placement also works well if you have multiple couches in a space or if you have a large, open floor plan. 

Round Rug Placement

Most rugs best suited for living rooms are rectangular. However, a round rug in a seating area can also bring cohesion to your living room. If you plan to place a round rug in a sitting area, keep some legs of a chair off the rug. Otherwise, it may look cluttered. Round rugs are best suited for sitting or reading nooks in your living room. 

Choose the Right Size Rug for the Space

It will not matter where you place your rug if the rug isn’t the right size. So when giving your living room a makeover, be sure you use a rug that fits the space. A rug that is too small will make the room look unbalanced. A rug that is too large will dwarf all other décor. But what size is right for you? That depends on the size of the living room. 

In most cases, a living room can accommodate at least a 5’ x 8’ or 6’ x 9’ rug. Large living rooms with lofty ceilings are best suited to a larger rug, such as a 9’ x 12’. Large spaces may also incorporate multiple rugs, depending upon the layout of the room. 

Living Room Rug Placement with Samantha Lee Designs

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