Cozy. Welcoming. Traditional. Relaxing. Stylish. Tranquil. These words are synonymous with modern cottage style, a home décor aesthetic that has been growing in popularity for the past few years. However, with people spending more time than ever at home, the desire to create an aesthetic that truly feels like an escape has never been more popular. That doesn’t mean this quaint, charming style only applies to small, one-story homes. You can create a snuggly, sophisticated interior that evokes a sense of tradition even in the most modern homes.

What Is Modern Cottage Style?

To understand how the modern cottage style evolved, we first need to revisit the rise of the modern farmhouse. To recall, the popularity of modern farmhouses rose rapidly beginning at the start of the millennium. Aided in large part by a variety of programs on HGTV, this design style focuses on light-colored walls, interesting woodwork, and rustic touches throughout. Indeed, the modern farmhouse is exactly that: a functional family farmhouse with a modern twist.

There’s little doubt that the interest in a new cottage style evolved as a direct result of the popularity of modern farmhouses. After all, the modern farmhouse proved that a rustic aesthetic could produce a completely chic style. So, it’s not surprising that interesting woodwork and light color schemes are also earmarks of cottage-style interiors. Indeed, there are plenty of overlapping design concepts that both farmhouse and contemporary cottage styles incorporate. However, the cottage style places greater emphasis on tranquility, tradition, and sanctuary and less focus on rustic functionality for families.

To put it another way, the current cottage style embraces an English country house aesthetic, all while maintaining a sophisticated simplicity. Whereas a modern farmhouse places the kitchen as the focal point of the home, a cottage-style interior draws attention to the sitting room and hearth.

How to Create a Cottage Interior This Fall

If you’re ready to create your own timeless, tranquil cottage aesthetic in your home, incorporate the following:

  • Warm up the space with rugs, pillows, and throws. The emphasis on comfort, relaxation, and tranquility demands plenty of textiles.
  • Mix and match vintage items with modern items. Browse thrifts stores for unique, vintage finds such as accent lamps and wall sconces.
  • Choose neutral base colors, then add color with your accents.
  • Include natural wood items, such as bar stools or sofa tables.
  • Incorporate nostalgia (Grandma’s wooden cutting boards or teacups on counters or tables)
  • Deemphasize technology (no wall-mounted flatscreens in the living room!)

Other design elements you’ll want to consider if you’re planning to create a contemporary cottage aesthetic include:

  • Drawing the eye to exposed beams.
  • Softening the space with whitewashed paneling.
  • Inviting relaxation with an abundance of handwoven pillows and throws.
  • Embracing simplicity with open shelves in the kitchen.
  • Bringing the outdoors inside with natural materials (stone, exposed brick, wood).
  • Incorporating vintage fixtures, such as sinks and bathtubs.

Oregon Interior Design Services to Create a Cottage Effect

If you’re ready to embrace a modern cottage style in your home, Samantha Lee Designs will help you turn any space into a haven of tranquility and tradition. As a highly sought-after interior designer based in the Willamette Valley, Samantha Lee Designs will guide you as you transform your home or commercial space. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.