Should curtains touch the floor? Of all the window covering questions we receive, the subject of curtain length tops the list. Here are some of our best tips for hanging curtains.

Plan to Make a Positive Decorating Impact

Have you ever noticed how the curtains can make or break the appeal of a room? The key to making sure that your window treatments make a positive impact is to coordinate them with the other elements in the room. The flooring, furniture, accessories, and wall colors should work with the curtains to create an interior space that you love.

One of the first things that you’ll need to think about when choosing an awesome curtain is fabric. Fabric is so crucial in picking drapery that it deserves considerable thought. Determine what you want your window covering to achieve and then match a fabric to your needs.

Once you choose your fabric, it’s time to highlight your windows by selecting a color and pattern that fits your style. From bold colors and robust designs to a demure beige, you can find a look that stays true to your overall image.

Unfortunately, even the most luxurious curtains won’t enhance a room’s natural beauty if its size is wrong. The optimal length changes with fashion and, like skirt lengths, goes up and down over time. As with all things decorating-related, it’s up to you to decide the correct size of the curtains you hang in your home.

Should Curtains Touch the Floor

Even so, many designers agree that curtains that rest just barely off the floor work best in today’s indoor spaces. Flowing just above the floor helps your curtains to give a feeling of spaciousness in even the coziest of areas. An added benefit is that leaving a half-inch or so of space at the bottom of your curtains makes it easier for you to clean the floor.

The trick to hanging your curtains so that they make an impact is an accurate measurement. Now, don’t worry if geometry wasn’t your favorite subject in high school. You can achieve an accurate measurement with the assistance of a tape measure and a pencil. Please don’t rush through the measurement process, as getting it right is vital to the overall look of your room.

Select the Right Length

Curtains typically come in a variety of lengths, such as 84, 96, and 108 inches. As Martha Stewart notes, you should aim to hang your curtains ten inches higher than your window frame. Going above the window frame helps create an illusion of a higher ceiling that makes a room feel more spacious.

Go Wide

Along with using an increased length, it’s also beneficial to choose a wider curtain than your window frame. Ideally, you can extend the curtain ten inches beyond the window frame. If possible, strive to go at least a few inches past the window edges so that the curtains contribute to a feeling of spaciousness.

Of course, standard curtain lengths and widths don’t always work well in real-life homes. Happily, you don’t need to settle for window treatments that don’t enhance the style of the room. Custom curtains perfectly fit your windows to complete the visual impact of your decorating scheme.

When Should Curtains Touch the Floor

Although designers suggest that you hang your curtains so that they fall slightly above the floor, it’s OK to ignore that advice. Sometimes it’s fun and practical to have the curtains touch the flooring in what is known as pooling. That said, when should curtains touch the floor in your home?

There’s no doubt that volumes of fabric touching the floor can give a room romantic elegance. If you dream of a room that is right out of a romantic film, you should consider pooling.

On the other hand, pooling can also add a relaxed, didn’t-over-think feeling to a room. As Alicia Brunker notes in AD, you can embrace a less dressed-up style by choosing to pool a stain-resistant fabric like beautiful linen.

In essence, there isn’t a wrong reason to have the curtains touch the floor. The length of your curtains is an individual decision that should reflect your sense of style.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, should curtains touch the floor in your Eugene home? The answer comes down to what makes you fall in love with a room. Do you envision a gorgeous fabric pooling on the floor, or would you prefer to keep your space a little easier to clean?

Installing beautiful curtains is the perfect way to complete the look of a space. If you could use some help in choosing your window treatments, contact the design team at Samantha Lee Designs in Eugene, OR, for a friendly consultation. We’ll help you find affordable, long-lasting window treatments that fit your home and creative vision.