You may not have a large entryway, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be spectacular. Small entryways are common in homes, condominiums, and apartments. In studios, lofts, and homes where the main entrance is through a garage, you may not even have a defined entryway space. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a lovely, functional entryway that perfectly suits your style. Here are 7 small entryway ideas that can help you make the most of minimal space, all while achieving your function and style goals. 

Make the Space Feel Bigger

The first of our small entryway ideas starts with how to make your space feel more spacious. Wall space can help define the style of your entryway, so make the most of it. Make the space appear larger by adding a wall mirror. Then, to make the space functional without overcrowding, consider a floating shelf, hanging baskets, or a collection of hooks for your jackets, keys, umbrella, etc. 

Create a Seating Area

If you want to be able to sit in your entryway, to put shoes on or take them off, or to flip through the mail when you get home, consider a small bench topped with a cushion. If your entryway is particularly small, a single stool will also work. Depending upon the size, you may even be able to place a small cubby shelf underneath the bench to tuck away shoes, hats, or a gym bag.

Make a Bold Statement

If you want your entryway to pop, consider adding wallpaper to one of the walls near the door. From bold colors and patterns to metallic sheen, your entryway can set the tone for the rest of the space. Alternatively, a brightly painted wall can also make a bold statement, particularly if you use stripes or a geometric pattern.

Showcases Art

Regardless of which small entryway ideas call your name, styling your space with art is always something we recommend. Entryways are wonderful spaces to show off your unique collection of prints. Hang multiple pieces of assorted sizes and shapes at varying heights to create a collage of art that you will enjoy every time you come home. 

Create an Entryway Without a Defined Space

Studios and lofts are known for not having defined entryways. You can create the sense of an entryway with a cleverly placed sofa table or bench that houses your computer bag, purse, and has space for keys. You might also consider adding hooks to a wall near a couch or accent chair as a makeshift entryway.

Craft a Cozy Entrance

If all you want to do after a long day is feel cozy and comfortable, select materials and textures that make you feel snuggly from the minute you walk in the door. Faux-fur-covered pillows on a small bench, knitted poofs to sit on while removing your shoes, or a small end table topped with fresh flowers atop a pretty rug can make your small entryway feel cozy rather than tiny. 

Make a Family Friendly Mini-Foyer

Families with children don’t have to sacrifice style to create a colorful family-friendly schematic in your entryway. Consider a small bench and easy-to-reach colorful cubbies for small shoes and boots. Hooks on walls in assorted colors or styles can also help your young family members to keep the area tidy. 

Bring Small Entryway Ideas to Life with a Local Professional

No matter the size of your home’s entrance, Samantha Lee Designs can help you bring your small entryway ideas to life. Whether you gravitate towards a modern, classical, traditional, or minimalist style, our team will help you create an entryway that will serve as an extension of your style—whatever that may be. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.