Have you noticed that your home has felt a bit smaller lately? The coronavirus lockdowns have made many consider how to get the most out of life in a small house. Read on for five interior design tips to ensure that your small space living never goes out of style.

Small Space Living Challenges

Sure, you loved your college dorm, but that doesn’t mean you want your current home to resemble it. Instead, your family’s living spaces need to function well while also embracing your decorating style. Fortunately, it’s possible to design solutions to the problems that you might find in minimal square footage rooms.

The challenges that come in living with less space range from slightly annoying to significant issues. Two examples of common problems that you might face include the following.

  • Lack of Storage
  • Difficulty Multi-Tasking a Room

Many of us have struggled with our living spaces in 2020. Carving out space for children to homeschool in the same room where you need to connect with your office can be an arduous task.

Let’s look at five ways to make your small living space enjoyable for everyone in your family.

5 Tips for Happy Small Space Living

The key to successfully designing for a small living space rests in adding essential elements like storage and multiple uses. The following five tips are simple, affordable ways that you can use to transform a cramped room.

No.1- Declutter

A simple way to make a small space seem more significant is to reduce your belongings. Don’t worry; we’re not recommending that you turn your house into an impersonal, barren space. Instead, if you will part with all the stuff that you no longer feel connected with, you’ll reap the benefits of more room.

No.2- Use the Walls

Don’t forget the untapped potential space on your walls. Get creative with hooks and baskets that can hold things like magazines and other small items. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling shelves that give you storage space and a potential focal piece for the area.

When space is scarce, it’s smart to mount the television on the wall. Browse a site like Pinterest for ideas for installing the electronic accessories that accompany your TV on the wall.

No.3- Say Yes to White Walls

White walls? With all of the lovely colors to choose from, why would we suggest painting your walls white? The answer is that white is a calming color that serves as an ideal backdrop for your belongings.

Designers covet white for its ability to brighten a room, causing a space to feel more spacious. Of course, not every shade of white is the same. Read here for some handy tips on which white will work best in your home.

No.4- Embrace the Impact of Mirrors

We know you don’t want your home to resemble an unfortunate throwback to the 1970s. However, don’t discount the impact that a mirror can make to a room. A well-placed mirror will give the illusion that even the tiniest space is overflowing with the roominess.

What’s more, you don’t need to bust your decorating budget on a mirror. Shop at estate sales, garage sales, and thrift stores for unique, character-filled mirrors.

No.5- Splurge on Storage

Even the most beautiful space won’t make you happy unless there is enough storage. Take advantage of every possible opportunity to make room for storage. There are many ways to organize and hide your stuff from baskets to heavy-duty wall storage units.

A terrific place to store stuff is underneath the bed. Do you need a place to put your suitcases? Try filling them with non-seasonal clothing and linens and placing them beneath the bed. The Spruce recommends that you consider springing for a set of pull-out drawers designed to fit under your bed’s box spring.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, small space living doesn’t mean that you have to live uncomfortably or lack style. Instead, use our five design tips to begin creating a space that beautifully meets your needs.

If you need some professional design expertise to help transform your indoor spaces, contact us at KJL Interior Design. We bring our inspiration and talent to all our residential clients in Eugene, OR.