One of our favorite parts of interior design is decorating based on the seasons. There are so many ways to go about this and it’s worth trying out different ideas until you find something that works for you. As the days start to get longer, take some time to plan out what spring decorating ideas you want to pursue.

Adding Bright Colors

Winter is the darkest time of the year and it makes sense to have your indoor spaces mimic this with darker colors. Deep reds, greens, blues, and even greys can convey this. However, as we roll into spring, try trading darker shades for brighter splashes of color in your home. Whether you do this by adding some beautiful pastels, bold neons, or a range of white hues, changing up your colors can set the stage for spring.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal and adding flowers to your home is an excellent way to welcome spring indoors. In our opinion, it’s difficult to add too many flowers. You can tastefully add flowers to your bedroom nightstand, your kitchen table, your patio, and your living room. Flowers also can serve as an attention-grabbing centerpiece, both for the eyes and nose.

Switch Up Your Fabrics

As spring approaches, it’s time to put away your heavier blankets and change them out for some cotton or linen fabrics. Having lighter blankets and sheets is a great way to adapt to the changing of the seasons. In addition, picking textiles that are crisp neutral colors like white, pale pink, or light green can add a sense of openness and spaciousness to your rooms. 

Add Some House Plants

Like fresh flowers, house plants are a great way to rejuvenate your home as we transition into spring. Not only do they clean the air and improve our sense of wellbeing, but they also add a nice splash of green to our spaces. Green is a symbolic color of health and psychologically it can help us feel energized. House plants come in all shapes and sizes, so find plants that work for your space and your lighting.

Repaint a Room

A quick way to overhaul the look of a room is by painting it a new color. While some groan at the thought of repainting their walls, it’s a lot easier than most people think and can easily be a weekend project. For spring, consider painting a room a bold green or an airy blue. It’s truly amazing how the color of a room can influence how you feel in that space.

Swap Out Candles

Just like how colors have a huge impact on how we feel, the scents in our space can immediately set the mood. For the holidays, it’s comforting to have richer and earthier scents, like cedar or cinnamon. As spring approaches, switch these scents out for something lighter and crisper like grapefruit or rosemary. You can also opt for some unscented candles in pleasant pastel colors.

Change Up Your Patio Decor

Spring decorating ideas aren’t just for inside your home. Give a warm welcome to spring by getting your patio ready for action. Freshen things up by replacing a chair or table with something brighter and a bit more fun. You can also add some colorful throw pillows and a vase of fresh flowers. Whatever you choose, strive to make your patio an inviting space for all guests and family members.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Home

We love sharing our spring decorating ideas with our clients as they transition from the long Oregon winters into sunnier days and warmer nights. By changing up the colors in our homes, adding crisp scents, and incorporating fresh flowers it’s amazing how much we can uplift our moods and revel in the changing seasons. For a consultation on how to revitalize your home this spring, give us a call at 541-344-1793 or send us a message.