Are you eager to usher some new decorating life into your home this spring? Happily, it won’t be difficult to welcome a feeling of springtime into your home this year. Follow along for some of our tried and true spring decorating ideas.

One of the most encouraging things about decorating for spring is that it’s not an overwhelming task. We promise that you don’t need to become an expert on all types of DIY projects to welcome the promise of spring into your home. Instead, look to the beauty of nature to say hello to the new signs of life blossoming all around your neighborhood.

Before You Start Decorating

Before you start planning ways to celebrate the beauty of fresh spring flowers and budding trees, it’s a smart idea to prepare your indoor spaces. Please spend some time cleaning your house to make it easier to decorate. Trust us: all our spring decorating ideas will do a better job at renewing your home after you’ve spent a few hours with a mop and a vacuum.

The winter months are hard on your home. There’s a reason your grandmother and mother devoted time to do a thorough spring cleaning. Happily, you can reap the benefits of deep cleaning in a relatively short and stress-free amount of time.

Check out this Good Housekeeping article for a bundle of easy spring cleaning tips. The Sierra Club discusses smart ways to protect the earth while you clean here.

Once you get the scrubbing and polishing out of the way, it’s time to turn to style. Read on for some of our favorite decorating ideas.

Find Inspiration in Nature

Adding seasonal style to your home keeps your decorating style from growing stale. On the other hand, you’ll need to keep in mind that seasonal decorating is temporary. It makes sense to incorporate affordable pops of seasonally appropriate inspiration within your overall decorating scheme.

There’s perhaps not a better place to look for decorating inspiration than the natural world. Nature puts on a glorious display during the spring months that’s ripe for decorating inspiration. Take advantage of spring’s sensory richness to create positive vibes in your home.

Use color to bring the outdoors into your home this spring. For example, who doesn’t love looking at a field of spring wildflowers? Pick your favorite flowers and search for accent pieces in those colors.

With the beauty found throughout nature in mind, let’s take a look at five spring decorating ideas that are sure to fit within your budget and busy lifestyle.

5 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

Are you ready to bring the vitality of spring into your living spaces? Here are five of our favorite ways to say hello to spring without blowing your entire year’s decorating budget.

Sofa Pillows and Throws
Who doesn’t love relaxing on a sofa filled with comfy pillows and a cozy throw? You can easily give a nod to spring when you choose sofa pillows and throws covered in colorful fabrics.

Table Linens
Splurge on a new set of spring-like table linens. Take a moment and imagine how festive your dining room table will look with a floral tablecloth, placemats, and napkins. Read here for inspiring table-setting ideas.

Floral Bouquets
Who doesn’t love flowers? Whether you enjoy a backyard garden or frequent a flower market, you can’t celebrate the season any better than with a bouquet. Opt for the freshest possible blossoms, and your home will smell amazing all season.

Lamp Shades
Head over to your local lamp store for some spring-themed lamp shades. If you want to tackle a craft project, you can even change the color through a new dye job.

Throw Rugs
Replace your throw rugs with colorful ones that mimic the colors of a spring bouquet. Terrific spring-themed throw rugs come in a wide variety of styles and prices. Check out your favorite home furnishings stores for rugs that fit your style.

In addition to the above ideas, spend time exploring websites and magazines for style tips that will help you update your indoor environment. Always remember that the best decorating tips for spring are the ones that make you happy. Seasonal decorating should be fun and low-stress.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, the arrival of spring is such a welcome time of the year. As the dreariness of winter months gives way to new life, it’s appropriate to joyfully embrace the beauty of spring. We hope you’ll use some of our sure-fire spring decorating ideas for a simple, affordable way to liven up your home this season.

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