Do your rooms feel a little too much like last year’s style? A simple way to celebrate the new decade is to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year, Classic Blue, into your decorating style. Keep reading for advice on how to add shades of blue into your home decorating this year.

Do you ever wonder what makes a specific color suddenly seem to appear everywhere? The answer is that all types of designers look to the Pantone Color Institute for help in figuring out what will appeal to consumers. You can keep your home design current by carefully fitting the year’s favorite color into your decorating scheme.

Say Hello to Classic Blue

Interior designers throughout the United States follow Pantone’s lead when it comes to color trends. The color for 2020 is Classic Blue, a shade that evokes the feeling of a dusky sky. Pantone notes that Classic Blue evokes an aura of calm and dependability.

Decorating styles generally rise in popularity and then fade away for a time. There’s no doubt that people are growing tired of the colors and styles that have dominated the last few years. Pantone answers the desire for change by going back to basics and embracing shades of blue color in 2020.

Luckily, you don’t have to make costly changes in your home’s decor to take advantage of the beauty of blue colors. Let’s examine what you need to know to bring blue colors into your home this year.

Choose Your Blue

The color blue comes in a fantastic variety of shades. From turquoise to navy blue, you can be confident that there is a blue shade that works with your sense of style. That said, keep in mind that not every shade will work equally well in your home.

Some of the essential things to contemplate when picking the perfect blue for your decorating style include the following.

Decorating Style

What’s your decorating style? Turquoise, for example, works beautifully in a southwestern inspired room. On the other hand, navy blue walls add a dramatic twist to an otherwise dull space. You’ll never regret incorporating blue if you use it in a way that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Complementary Colors

What are the other colors in the room? Try mixing and matching additional colors for a visually appealing impact. Examples of colors that complement each other include blue and orange; red and green; yellow and purple.

Blue Undertones

Make sure to pay attention to the undertones in the color as some blues can lean more purple/red while others can lean green. It’s often a smart decision to match the undertones in the shades of blue that you place in a room.

The decorating fun begins once you’ve picked your blue color. Read on for three tips to successfully use shades of blue color to update your interior design.

3 Ideas to Use Shades of Blue Color

Blue has long been a favorite color in homes throughout the world. No matter what shade, the it adds a feeling of calm and serenity to your home. Fortunately, the vast array of blues available on the market today make it easy to find a shade of color that fits your style.

We love using a variety of blues in our designs. One thing that we’ve learned over the years is that you don’t need to go crazy with color to achieve a significant impact. What’s more, since a small amount of color can dramatically impact a room, you won’t need to empty your wallet to embrace 2020’s color of choice.

Here are three fantastic ways to use shades of blue color in your home this year.

1. Wall Paint

Wall color is a terrific way to bring blue into a room. You can paint all of the walls in a room with the same color or use a dramatic blue to accent a particular area in the room.

2. Sofa Pillows and Throws

Add some extra comfort to your living room by investing in some blue sofa pillows and throws. When choosing a sofa pillow and throw, keep in mind that they should fit with the color of the sofa. Accent pillows and sofa blankets are an inexpensive and stress-free way to add new life to your living spaces.

3. Bed Linens

You can transform a tired bedroom into a trendy one by replacing your bed linens with a comforter and sheet set that contains your favorite shade of blue. Designers adore using blue in the bedroom because it’s such a versatile color that works well with almost any style.

Have you noticed that our three tips for incorporating shades of blue color into your home are all relatively easy to do and can even decide to replace them without much fuss? Using a trendy color to update a room doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Indeed, you can happily add a burst of blue through a few inexpensive pieces that fit your decorating style.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, there are so many shades of blue color to play with this year. With blue currently reigning supreme in the design world, 2020 is the year to bring your favorite blue colors into your indoor spaces.

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