When it comes to city living, it might be hard to understand how to best create a calm urban oasis, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The designing style of Feng Shui is an excellent way to bring serenity in these crazy and uncertain times.

It takes only a tiny bit of effort, but the results are amazing. Below are ways you can include Feng Shui into your living space, regardless if you reside in a home or studio apartment.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips to Create Your Urban Oasis

When organizing the furniture in your living room, put your loveseats, sofas, or chairs in a circle so your guests can see each other when seated. The objective is to foster a sense of unity and closeness in your residence. Another idea is to offer a central component that folks can congregate around, like a coffee table. If possible, keep the TV out of sight when not on. Better yet, don’t have a TV in your living room. This way, your guests will more likely talk to each other.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Your bedroom is one of the most vital spots to apply Feng Shui. When setting up or rearranging your bedroom, the aim is to create an area that encourages relaxation. Don’t put your bed on the same wall as the door. This move is said to establish a sense of uncertainty when you sleep. To create a balanced and interconnected look, pair your bed frame with matching nightstands. To have a feeling of peace and harmony in your bedroom, put vibrant and cheerful artwork on your walls.

Bathroom Feng Shui

Even though conventional Feng Shui disregards the bathroom, more contemporary variations have some ideas on how to coordinate your bathroom. The first step is super easy. You need to keep it clean and tidy. Chaotic rooms could have a negative effect on you. The bathroom, especially, must be kept neat to cultivate positivity. Matching your towels will aid in creating a sense of order. Adding plants to your bathroom offers an earthy element.

Generally Speaking

You can use Feng Shui in every room of your home or apartment. Rooms that are customized to deliver style and beauty, while encouraging peace and tranquility, will lift your spirits even during this coronavirus pandemic.

If you are interested in creating your urban oasis, reach out to KJL Interior Design to explore all your options.